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A Little Sweet

“A Little Sweet” brand concept by Jeffery KOO Ka Chun, who has been in 20 years of working experience in related to desserts and chocolatier.

Chef Koo, has been participating in different dessert competitions and gained awards from all around the world.  Chef Koo is happy to share his past dessert experiences with students and chefs when his traveling to a country as a guest chef.

In addition, Chef Koo has also established his owned brand "Patisserie Jeffery Koo" in Hong Kong. The products are mainly health-oriented and all designed and monitored by him.

Today, Chef Koo has moved his dessert creation concept to the United Kingdom, continuing his enthusiasm for desserts,  thereby broadening his horizons and allowing his creation to satisfy customers with different needs. “I hope that this concept will continue, so that everyone who loves desserts all over the world, can taste and experience,” said Chef Koo.

Chef Koo

Chef Koo was from the Mandarin Oriental Hotel. During his time at the 5 star hotel, Chef Koo established a reputation of creating "artistic desserts".

He is also one of the main apprentices of the Michelin star patisserie Chef Pierre Gagnaier.



Working Experience:

1997-2010 Assistant Executive Pastry Chef of Mandarin Oriental Hotel Hong Kong
2006 Assistant Executive Pastry Chef of Pierre Gagnaire
2007 Assistant Executive Pastry Chef of Mandarin Oriental KL.
2010-2013 Executive Pastry Chef of VERO chocolate.
2015 Co Founder, Director, Patisserie of ChocoKoo Cooking Studio
2015 Co Founder, Director Patisserie of Patisserie Jeffery Koo


2007 World Chocolate Master of Best Taste Award
2008 Swiss Creation Chocolate Competition, Silver Medal
2009 as a Hong Kong National Team Pastry Chef to West Australia Oceana fest in Perth, Gold Medal & Best Visiting Team, plus Best Dessert
2010 as a Hong Kong National Team Pastry Chef to Singapore FHA Culinary Challenge, The Gourmet Team Challenge, Silver Medal
2011 as a Hong Kong National Team Pastry Chef to West Australia Oceana fest in Perth, Silver Medal
2012 as a Hong Kong National Team Pastry Chef to Dubai Culinary Challenge, Silver Medal
2013-2015 as a committee member of Hong Kong Bakery & Confectionery Association.
2015 -2017

Licensed International Pastry Judge (B) 

International Chocolate Master Competition in China - Silver Award

Judge Experience:

2013 HOFEX international Pastry Judge
2014 International judge of the DGF Mondial des Arts Sucres competition.
2014 US Eggs Competition Judge
2015 HOFEX international Pastry Judge

Pastry Consultant and Demonstrator Experience:

2013-2015 Capfruit Demonstrator in all Asia, Vietnam and China.
2015 Pastry Consultant of Macau University
2013-2015 as TVB artist and TV host for the food program "Sweet Corner" to teach different celebrities dessert and chocolate making in every episode for HK, USA, Canada and China.
2015 Nestle Pastry Demonstrator

Brand Ambassador Experience:

2013-2017 Kenwood Group and Product Asia Ambassador
2015-2016 President Asia Brand Ambassador
2015-2016 Pro-Balance Knife Ambassador